Golden Age History

Welcome to the history portion of the Golden Years site. On this page you will find information related to the companies, shops, and select creators who produced the comics of the Golden Age. This is an ongoing project, and will take some time to complete, so please be paitent if the information you are looking for isn't up yet. If you have any additions or corrections, or would like to request certain information be added, please e-mail me at

Below is a listing of publishers who produced comics through 1955, listed in alphabetical order by their common names. Some publishers have several common names, such as Archie/M.L.J., Nedor/Better/Standard, and Marvel/Timely/Atlas. I've tried to list those by their most common name. Click on the publisher's name to get more information on their history. (***This is still in development, so please come back later if information is not yet available.***)

(Common Name)

Years Alternate Names
Ace Magazines Inc. 1940- A. A. Wyn Company, Ace Books Inc., Ace Periodicals Inc., Current Books Inc., Humor Publications Inc., I. B. Fischer Publishing Corp., Periodical House Inc.,
All-American Comics Inc. 1939-1946 Gainlee Publishing Co., Jolaine Publications Inc., J. R. Publishing Co., Wonder Woman Publishing Co. Inc.
Archie Comics 1939-Present M.L.J. Magazines Inc.
Bailey Publishing Co. 1946  
Cambridge House 1945  
Centaur Publications Inc. 1937- Chicago Mail Order Company, Comic Corporation of America, Comics Magazine Company Inc., Ultem Publications Inc.
Charlton Comics 1944-1986 Charles Publishing Co., Children Comics Publishing, Frank Comunale Publishing Co., The Frank Publishing Company, Gerona Publishers, Jay Burtis, Special Action Comics, Inc.
Columbia Comics Corporation. 1940- Columbia Comics Group, Publication Enterprises
Consolidated Magazines Inc. 1944-1946  
DC Comics Inc. 1935-Present Detective Comics Inc., More Fun Inc., National Allied Publications Inc., National Periodical Publications Inc., Nicholson Publishing Co. Inc., Superman Inc., Wonder Woman Publishing Co. Inc., World’s Best Comics Co.
Dell Publishing Co. Inc.    
Dynamic Publications Inc. 1940-1948 Alto Publications, Chicago Nite Life News, Flying Cadet Publishing Co. Inc., Four Star Publications, Harry 'A' Chesler Jr. Publications Inc., H. Clay Glover Co., Home Guide Publications, Irwin H. Rubin, Magazine Press, Our Army Inc., Pershing Square Publishing Co., Superior Publishers Ltd.
E. R. Ross Publishing Co. 1945  
Eastern Color Printing Company 1933-  
EC Comics Inc. 1947-1956* I.C. Publishing Co. Inc.
Enwil Associates 1944- Croydon Publishing Co., Lindsay L. Baird, Inc. Publicaciones Recreativas (Universal Comics Group), Rewl Publications Inc., Rural Home Publishing Co.
Fawcett Publications Inc. 1939-1952*  
Feature Publications Inc. 1939- American Boys’ Comics Inc., Cima Publishing Co., Crestwood Publishing Co., Prize Publications Inc.
Fiction House Magazines 1938- Fight Stories Inc., Flying Stories, Inc., Glen-Kel Publishing Co. Inc., Love Romances Publishing Co. Inc., Real Adventures Publishing Co. Inc., Wings Publishing Co. Inc.
Fox Publications Inc. 1939- Bruns Publications Inc., Fox Features Syndicate
Funnies Inc. 1940 Pelican Publications
Great Comics Publishers Inc. 1941-1942  
Harvey Publications Inc. 1939- Alfred Harvey, Brookwood Publishing Company Inc., Champ Publishing Company, Family Comics, Inc., Helnit Publishing Co. Inc., Home Comics Inc. John F. Mahon, Speed Publishing Company, Worth Publishing Company Inc.
Hawley Publications Inc. 1940  
Hillman Periodicals Inc. 1939- Hillman-Curl Inc.
Hit Publications Inc. 1940  
Holyoke Publishing Co. Inc. 1940- Aviation Press Inc., Bilbara Publishing Co. Inc., Continental Magazines Inc., Et-Es-Go Magazines Inc., Helnit Publishing Co. Inc., Narrative Publishers, Tem Publishing Co. Inc.
Howard Publications Ltd. 1945  
Hyper Publications, Inc. 1940  
I.W. Publishing Inc.   Super Comics
Komos Publications Inc. 1940  
Lev Gleason Publications Inc. 1939-1956 Boy Comics Publishers Inc., Comic House Inc., New Friday Publications Inc., News Book Publishing Corp., Your Guide Publications Inc.
Magazine Enterprises    
Marvel Comics Inc. 1939-Present 20th Century Comic Corporation, Atlas Comics, Atlas News Company Inc., Chipiden Publishing Corp., Comedy Publications, Inc., Comic Combine Corp., Complete Photo Story Corp., Cornell Publishing Corp., Current Detective Stories, Daring Comics Inc., Euclid Publishing Company Inc., Fantasy Comics Inc., Hercules Publishing Corporation, Interstate Publishing Corp., Manvis Publications Inc., Marjean Magazine Corp., Medalion Publishing Corp., Miss America Publishing Corp., Newsstand Publications Inc., Prime Publications, Inc., Select Publications Inc., Snap Publications, Timely Publications, Timely Comics Inc., U. S. A. Comic Magazine Corp., Western Fiction Publishing Co. Inc., Young Allies, Inc.
Nedor Publishing Co. 1939-1959 Better Publications Inc., Great Comics Publications Inc., Pines Comics, Standard Magazines Inc., Visual Editions Inc.
Nita Publishing Co. Inc. 1940  
Novelty Press Inc. 1939- Premium Comics Group, The Premium Group of Comics, Star Publications
O. W. Comics Corp. 1946  
Progressive Publishers Inc. 1941-1942  
Quality Comics Group 1937-1956 Comic Favorites Inc., Everett M. Arnold (also E. M. Arnold), Vital Publications Inc.
The Regor Company 1946  
R. F. Leffingwell And Co. 1944-1948  
Spark Publications 1944-1946 Fact and Fiction Publications
Spotlight Publishers 1944-1945  
Sterling Comics Inc.    
Street and Smith Publications Inc. 1940-  
Sun Publications 1940  
The Regor Company 1956  
United Features Syndicate, Inc. 1941-195x Frances M. McQueeny
Whitman Publishing Co. Inc.   K. K. Publications Inc.
William H. Wise and Co. 1944-  

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