All-Amazing Comics #2
October, 2000

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Hello and welcome to the first amazing issue of All-Amazing Comics!!! Here you'll get a monthly dose of Golden Age goodness! Before you go check out the special announcement in the letters section!

First off this month is a feature many of you know well from Pure Excitement Comics, the Target and the Targeteers! I really love Target stories and it helps that Target Comics is one of the most affordable series on eBay! You can count on seeing these guys more than a couple of times!

Next up we have a personal favorite of one of the mine, the Black Terror! Nedor is my favorite company of the Golden Age and I'm always looking for good deals on their books, unfortunately though, it's rare to find them in my price range. I've been lucky enough though to get Black Terror #16 and Exciting Comics #46. This month we have the third exciting story from Black Terror #16!!!!

Last but certainly not least, you'll get to read a fun little feature from Target Comics, Speck, Spot, and Sis! Is it just me or is everything in Target this good?


The TargetThe Target and the Targeteers
    -Story taken from Target Comics vol.4 no.9
 The Premium Service Co. Inc. January 1944
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Nina Albright
     -Inker- Nina Albright
    -A.K.A.-Niles Reed, Tom Brown, and Dave Foster
    -Known Powers- None.
    -Other information- Niles Reed, a metallurgist, was orphaned at 16, leaving only his older brother Bill, a district attorney, as family. His brother was framed for murder and sentenced to death. A masked Niles freed Bill on the way to prison, only to be killed by one of the guards while making the escape. Now alone in the world. Niles soon met Tom and Dave, both orphans of crime, and formed a fast friendship. One night while playing darts, Tom made an analogy between crime and the target they were using which inspired Niles. He soon crafted bulletproof costumes out of flexible metal for the trio, and they begin their lives as the Target and the Targeteers!
    -Known Appearances- Blue Bolt 102-104 (reprints 105 and 110); 4 Most Comics vol.1 no.1-2, vol.5 no.1; Target Comics vol.1 no.10-vol.9 no.5, 8, vol.10 no.1

The Black TerrorThe Black Terror
    -Story taken from Black Terror #16
Visual Editions Inc. October 1946
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Ed Moritz
     -Inker- Ed Moritz
    -A.K.A.- Bob Benton and Tim Roland
    -Known Powers- Black Terror: Strength, invulnerability Tim: Strength, invulnerability
    -Other information- An accident during an experiment with formic ether vapors gave timid pharmacist, Bob Benton, superhuman strength and invulnerability which he used to fight crime and espionage as the Black Terror! Not much about Bob's personal life was ever given, but it was generally known that he, in some way, knew the Black Terror. His degree of strength varied, but for some reason he could always be knocked out by a blow to the head. 
    Tim Roland was a delivery boy for Bob Benton who caused the accident, and later became the Kid Terror (as far as I know though that name was only used in Exciting Comics #69). Tim used the formic ether vapors to gain powers of his own, but they were downplayed as time went on, giving the impression that he had no powers at all. Though he played second fiddle to Black Terror for most of his career, Tim got to take center stage in Exciting #69 (reprinted in Pure Excitement Comics 24).
    -Known Appearances- America's Best Comics 1-31; Black Terror 1-27; Exciting Comics 9-69

Speck, Sis, and SpotSpeck, Spot, and Sis
    -Story taken from Target Comics vol.5 no.5
The Premium Service Co. Inc. November 1944
     -Writer-Milt Hammer
     -Penciler-Milt Hammer
     -Inker-Milt Hammer
    -Known Appearances- Target Comics vol.2 no.5-vol.4 no.8, vol.4 no.10-vol.6 no.8, vol.6 no.10-vol.7 no.3, vol.8 no.12-vol.9 no.2, vol.9 no.4

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