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All-Amazing Comics Annual #1
(2 Weeks)

My first MONSTER-SIZED annual featuring: Green Lama, The Four Comrades, Manhunter, The Zebra, Betty Bates, & Blimpy!!!!!!

Spotlight Comics #2
(4 Weeks)

Spotlight Comics #2 featuring all open-ended stories!!! These are parts of serialized stories which I don't have the conclusion or other parts to but are still very good! This book features: Bobby Crusoe, 18 Men and a Boat, and Padlock Holmes!!!

All-Amazing Comics #5
(4 Weeks)

It's All-Amazing Comics #5 featuring: The Fighting Yank, The Chameleon, and Paul Revere Jr.!!!!!!

All-Golden Comics #2
(6 Weeks)

King-Sized Comics #2
(7 Weeks)

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That's all for All-Amazing this month! Remember, "Keep 'em flying!"

Hi there, and welcome to the fourth issue of All-Amazing! This book is, if you couldn't tell, heavily patterned off of Bill Nolan's Pure Excitement Comics (which is highly recommended that you read!!!) Like his book, I will publish three Golden Age stories each month (as long as my supply holds up). Unlike his book, which started because of a lack of material for Golden Age fans, mine has started because of a virtual tidal wave of material in clubs, newsgroups, etc. where not everyone has a chance to read it. If you wish to donate a story(s) to this book please e-mail me at the address below.


I like your version of a Captain Marvel text story; given that there is a presidential election every four years, this story could have run in an old issue of Fawcett (come to think of it, there aren't any new issues of Fawcett). Without giving anything away to those who haven't seen the issue yet, I'm curious to see what happens in part two of your story.

By the way, the rest of All-Amazing # 3 is pretty good. I've seen that Wonderman issue before, but it's nice to know I can re-read it anytime now. Lt. Hercules is a nice super-hero parody and this Dan'l Flannel story is better than the only other story I have seen about the character.

All-in-all, this is a good issue.


   Jon, I'm glad you liked the issue! As amazing as it seems that IS the Dan'l Flannel story you read!! Maybe he's just a character you have to aquire a taste for... :-)


I want to hear from you!!! Send your thoughts on this issue, suggestions for future issues, questions, or anything related to this site to me at!

Cover Gallery

This month in the cover gallery, we have the "Collector's Edition" of All-Amazing Comics #4. As I recall, I drew this to be the regular cover of this issue, but my self-imposed deadline was drawing too near to color it, so I did my usual collage cover instead and called this version the "Collector's Edition."

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