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All-Amazing Comics #38
(March 5, 2009)

It's (most of) what was originally scheduled for this issue, lo those many years ago before All-Amazing's untimely cancellation; an early tale of Doc Strange, plus Power Nelson, Holyoke's Blue Streak, and, taking the place of the Cadet since he was just in this issue, The Toreador! Miss it not!!!

Spotlight Comics #13
(April 30, 2009)

Spotlight's unlucky (it was canceled for over six and a half years, that's pretty unlucky)13th issue is, what else, an all horror issue! Read it if you dare!!!

Our Covers This Month

Our front cover features the art of Bob Wood from the cover of Target Comics vol.2 no.2.

For our back cover this month, we're looking forward to Spring with an ad for tulip bulbs from Black Diamond Western #22!

That's all for All-Amazing this month! Remember, "Keep 'em flying!"

Welcome to the return of the "All-Amazing Comments" letters page! Every month, I'll post and reply to your letters in this space, as well as make any announcements about All-Amazing that need to be made. I've managed to dust off a couple of old letters about All-Amazing #35 and 36 so let's get to them!

Re: All-Amazing Comics #35:
Coming out almost faster than I can read them. Loved the Minute Man tale the best, he's always been a favorite of mine. and he even made the cover!

The Liberator tale seemed to be still early in his career where he was in full fledged Clark Kent mode, and his future love interest still a student of his. And nice to see that his costume was under his clothes unlike the way they magically seem to appear in later tales. And his transformation was a bit Mr. Hyde-ish.

Liked seeing the original miss victory, a lot more spunkier and less sex pot than the AC version.

The Commando Ranger was completely new to me as a character. good tale though.

-Cash Gorman

What an avalanche of great stuff! Loved the Minute Man tale from All Amazing #35 (he'd be perfect for an issue of Patriotic Comics, if you decide to keep publishing that title every September 11th) as well as the Liberator.

All Amazing #36 was one of the best issues you've had. The tales of Mr. Scarlet, Black Terror, and the Target were some of the best ones I've read for each character. You've really outdone yourself.

Keep up the great work!

-Brendan Hood

Glad you liked the issues Brendan, and sorry I didn't keep up the great work. Hopefully you'll be joining me for this new run, and will let me know what you think of it!

I want to hear from you!!! Send your thoughts on this issue, suggestions for future issues, questions, or anything related to this site to me at!

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