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All-Amazing Comics #39
(April 2, 2010)

Yank and Doodle, "America's fighting twins," lead the way in this issue in one of their early solo appearances by Aquaman co-creator, Paul Noris!!! Joining the pair are The Flag, Capt. Bruce Blackburn as the "Destroying Demon," and Charlton's Wyatt Earp!!!

Spotlight Comics #13
(April 30, 2010)

Spotlight's unlucky (it was canceled for over six and a half years, that's pretty unlucky)13th issue is, what else, an all horror issue featuring "Traitor's House," "Nightmare," "Last Ride," and "Her Face of Horror!" Read it if you dare!!!

Our Covers This Month

For our back cover this month, I present and example of the complex relationships between early Golden Age titles, a house ad for Harvey's Champion Comics #10 from Prize Comics #6.

That's all for All-Amazing this month! Remember, "Keep 'em flying!"

Welcome to the "All-Amazing Comments" letters page! Every month, I'll post and reply to your letters in this space, as well as make any announcements about All-Amazing that need to be made. Here this month are your comments about the return of All-Amazing Comics and the Golden Years, so let's get to them!

This is wonderful news.  Your site has always been a terrific resource for me too.  I would much rather read comic book stories inside what at least looks like a comic book, as opposed to some cold, un-comic book-like database or Yahoo!Group Files section.  I look forward to seeing what you have from 1940 that's "new" to post!

~Scott C.

1940 eh? This issue should be right up your alley then! Hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for the kind remarks! It's great to be back and I plan on sticking round this time!

It sure is great to see you back. I am so anxious to see some of the old stuff which I lost and the new stuff you will have LIFE IS GOOD. Welcome back young man.

NH Ernie (Riley) the 75 year old comic reader

It will good to have a monthly "e-Magazine" online again, as was common back when it was hard to come by scans of golden age comic book stories. I know it is possible to either read, or download (or both) scans of almost any comic book one can think of, but I still like the idea of sites like "Golden Years," "Hood Ha," "Pure Excitement Comics," "Greats of the Golden Age," and so on, which started the movement to sites like "Golden Age Comics.UK" and "Html Comics" and Hathaway. It's always interesting to see what someone else will find and display, and I know I will even re-read stories I've seen before just to see how well I remember them.

Heck, maybe there's still a possibility of discussing comics again.

For What It Is Worth,
Jon Glade

Thanks for the kind words Jon! It's hard for me to conceive that, at my young age, I've helped start a movement toward anything. However, I do enjoy selecting the contents for these books every month. Hopefully I can introduce a few people to the Golden Age along the way, and long-time readers to some obscure new favorite that they might not have known to look for in the vast and wondrous repository that is

I want to hear from you!!! Send your thoughts on this issue, suggestions for future issues, questions, or anything related to this site to me at!

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