All-Amazing Comics #3
November, 2000

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Hello and welcome to the third outstanding issue of All-Amazing Comics!!! Here you'll get a monthly dose of Golden Age goodness! Before you go check out the special announcement about the next issue in the letters section!

First up this time around is a feature that just appeared in Pure Excitement Comics, Wonderman. I hope you enjoy this one as it's the hardest Nedor character to get without paying a ton of money!!!

Next up we have another story from the lighter side of super heroics, Lt. Hercules. I must say, as goofy as he is, he's one of my many favorites!!!

Here's a bonus this month, Captain Marvel!!! Look for future original stories in the future!!!

Finally this month, we have a very different feature from Target Comics, Dan'l Flannel!!!


    -Story taken from Wonder Comics #13
Better Publications Inc. August 1947
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Bob Oksner
     -Inker- Bob Oksner
    -A.K.A.- Brad Spencer
    -Known Powers- Invulnerability, strength, flight via belt, uses ray gun
    -Other information- Brad Spencer was accidentally exposed to a sizzling voltage of a secret current. This gave him the ability to become invulnerable (as hard as steel) and super strength. He was helped by his girlfriend, Carol Paige.
    -Known Appearances- Complete Book of Comics and Funnies 1; Mystery Comics 1-4; Wonder Comics 9-20

Lt. HerculesLt. Hercules
    -Story taken from Green Lama #3
Spark Publications. March 1945
     -Writer- H. L. Gold
     -Penciler- Irv Tirman
     -Inker- Irv Tirman
    -A.K.A.- Wilber Klutz
    -Known Powers- Usual super-hero powers, flight, strength and speed.
    -Other information- Lt. Hercules was a super-hero for hire managed by Merlin. He used a magic formula to change from Wilber to Lt. Hercules when needed.
    -Known Appearances- Green Lama 1-8

Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel
    -Original Text Story
Captain Marvel is property of DC Comics Inc.
     -Writer- Eric Schumacher
     -Artist- Eric Schumacher
    -A.K.A.- Billy Batson
    -Known Powers- The wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles, and speed of Mercury
    -Other information- Young Billy Batson was led into a subway by a mysterious shadowy figure where he met the ancient wizard Shazam! Billy only has to speak the wizard's name to be transformed by a magic bolt of lightning into the world's mightiest mortal, Captain Marvel!
    -Known Appearances- All Hero Comics #1; America's Greatest Comics 1-8; Captain Marvel Adventures 1-150; Captain Marvel Adventures Wheaties Giveaway #1; Captain Marvel and the Lieutenants of Safety #1; Captain Marvel Miniature #1; Captain Marvel Story Book 1-4; Flash/Thrill (Whiz) Comics #1; Gift Comics 1-4; Marvel Family 1-89; Master Comics 21; Special Edition Comics #1; Whiz Comics 2-155

Dan'l FlannelDan'l Flannel
    -Story taken from TargetComics vol.7 no.5
The Premium Service Co. Inc. July 1946
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Gustav Schrotter
     -Inker- Gustav Schrotter
    -Known Appearances-Blue Bolt 105; 4 Most Comics vol.1 no.3-vol.3 no.2; Target Comics vol.3 no.3-vol.7 no.3, 5-6, 8-11, vol.8 no.1, 4, 6, 8, 12, vol.9 no.2, vol.10 no.2

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