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Spotlight Comics #1
(1 Week)

The first incredible issue of Spotlight Comics featuring the story behind the cover to Speed Comics #35, Biff Bannon, and various 1-2 page cartoons and text stories!!!

King-Sized Comics #1
(2 Weeks)

The first GIGANTIC issue of my new quarterly, King-Sized Comics, featuring Supersnipe, The Green Mask, Girl Commandos, and Candid Charlie!!!

All-Amazing Comics #3
(4 Weeks)

The astounding All-Amazing Comics #3 featuring: Wonderman, Lt. Hurcules, and Dan'l Flannel!!!

All-Golden Comics #2
(6 Weeks)

Our Covers This Month

That's all for All-Amazing this month! Remember, "Keep 'em flying!"

Hi there, and welcome to the second issue of All-Amazing! This book is, if you couldn't tell, heavily patterned off of Bill Nolan's Pure Excitement Comics (which is highly recommended that you read!!!) Like his book, I will publish three Golden Age stories each month (as long as my supply holds up). Unlike his book, which started because of a lack of material for Golden Age fans, mine has started because of a virtual tidal wave of material in clubs, newsgroups, etc. where not everyone has a chance to read it. If you wish to donate a story(s) to this book please e-mail me at the address below.

   I do get Pure Excitement withdrawals about this time of month, so thanks for All-Amazing #1 (and thanks to Don and Marble River for providing you with material). I had seen all of the stories before, except the Alex Toth "The Heroic Traffic Cop" but it's nice to know I can re-read them all at any time. The Green Lama story contributed by Don/Spaceranger is one of the finest golden age stories I have ever read. Not only does Green Lama tackle a subject that was largely ignored in America, let alone in comic books, the artwork by Mac Raboy is exquisite. The artwork on the other two stories is also first-rate. 'The Heroic Traffic Cop' with art by Alex Toth is a bit of a downer but still very representative of 'Heroic Comics' and its era. 'The Cloak' is an obscure feature, but a well illustrated example of why 'Big Shot Comics' lasted so long.
    I liked the cover to your first issue, by the way, and I know you'll have fun creating future ones; Bill is very good at creating collage covers and I know you study his work and it shows. Anyway, All-Amazing comics is a welcomed addition to the burgeoning online golden age material, and I appreciate that you timed it to coincide with my Pure Excitement withdrawals. If you can keep up this standard of quality in future issues we're all in for a treat.


   Jon, thanks for the kind words! I'm sorry I had to butcher your letter but I wanted to make sure I had all your comments from your e-mail, Golden Years, & Atomic Gold & Silver! :-) I'm glad you  enjoyed the book so much & I hope you'll be just as thrilled with future issues! I know I have fun making them, I enjoy it so much I had to add a second title!!! I agree with you about the Green Lama & I do more stories of his to post in the future! Heroic Comics has always held a special place in my heart since issue 85 was the first Golden Age book I ever bought! (Still a few years before it goes into the public domain though.) In regards to Cloak, he's actually one of my favorite "lost" heroes & I hope to get some more stories. In addition to that he's on my short list of costumes for Halloween. (I only pass out candy, I swear!!! Stop laughing!!!) Finally about the covers, their kinda the reason I started these two books rather than continuing with posting my books as printed. They're just too much fun to make! I could spend hours just making them & trying new things. :-)


   Great site Steve. I was really impressed. I loved All-Amazing Comics #1 and I plan to head back and check out the cover gallery tomorrow. I spent this afternoon reading Captain Marvel and Atomic Knights on nail news so with that and your stuff I'm filled up to the brim with great comics and you're going to put out another webzine! Great stuff.


    Glad to see you enjoyed it Greig! (Greig was the donor of the Daredevil story in All-Golden #1) Be sure to let me know what you think of future issues! :-)


Hi Steve, 
   Glad to see another Golden Age reprint site. I've been a fan 
of Bill Nolan's site for some time now but there's always room for one more. Most of the Golden Age comics are so expensive that only through sharing on sites like yours can we really afford to see this material in quantity. I have a few Golden Age comics that I would be happy to scan and share with you. Will compile a list if you're interested.
    Just to let you know, I customize action figures and have been doing a good many of the Golden Age characters the last couple of years. Bill Nolan has published some of my pictures under Fan Art. I'm always looking 
for characters I haven't seen before to do custom figures. So keep that 
Golden Age material coming.


   Glad to know you're enjoying my site Dennis! I'm more than happy to share my books, the Golden Age is (IMHO) the best period. I have been fortunate, as far as price goes, when buying these books. The most I've paid so for a book to be published here is about $35, most have been $10-15. I've really enjoyed your figures over at Bill's site. I even made your Nedor (my favorite GA publisher) group shot the club pic for Golden Agers!


I want to hear from you!!! Send your thoughts on this issue, suggestions for future issues, questions, or anything related to this site to me at!

Cover Gallery

This month in the cover gallery, we have Black Terror #16.

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