All-Amazing Comics #4
December, 2000

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Hello and welcome to the fourth unbelievable issue of All-Amazing Comics!!! Here you'll get a monthly dose of Golden Age goodness!

As you know, this is the first reader's choice issue (note that I said first). I want to thank all eleven of you who voted! Here are the the official results:
   -Black Terror-2
    Captain Freedom-2
    Shock Gibson-4

-Boy Champions-0
    The Cadet-1
    The Chameleon-0
    The Sword-6
    Target & the Targeteers-4

    Crash, Cork, & the Baron-1
    Crime Crushers-0
    Jill Trent-1

First up this time around is a feature that while it only won by one vote, proved very popular among it's supporters, Shock Gibson. Shock was the mainstay of Speed Comics lasting all 44 issues. Soon I hope to present an early Shock adventure from Speed #10!!!

Then we have a great story from the pages of Super-Mystery, the Sword! The first time I read a Sword story I wasn't too impressed, but I think that this one is absolutely great! I've found myself wanting more and I bet you will too! BTW, you can read the next Sword adventure in Pure Excitement Comics #12!!!

Last but not least this month, is by far the most popular choice, Landor: Maker of Monsters! This is an interesting little feature that comes to us from the already mentioned, Speed Comics #10!!!


Shock GibsonShock Gibson
    -Story taken from Speed Comics #31
Family Comics Inc. March 1944
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Joe Kubert
     -Inker- Joe Kubert
    -A.K.A.- Charles/Bob Gibson
    -Known Powers- Flight, strength, electrical energy.
    -Other information- Shock Gibson was Speed Comics' longest running feature, lasting the entire run. During that time he had at least 2 incarnations. The first, Charles Gibson was struck by lightning which caused a chemical and electrical reaction, resulting in Shock's powers. I'm not quite sure how long this version lasted but it was at least through #10.

The second incarnation was Robert Gibson, an amateur scientist, who gave himself his powers which needed to be recharged periodically. Eventually he enlisted in the U.S. Army and was stationed in Alaska. During that time his supporting cast included his Eskimo friend, Ike, Beautee Bright, and Dr. Benjamin Bright. Beautee's father was the only person who knew Bob and Shock were the same person.
    -Known Appearances- All-New Comics 8; Green Hornet Comics 37-38; Speed Comics 1-44

The SwordThe Sword
    -Story taken from Super-Mystery Comics vol.4 no.4
Periodical House Inc. July 1944
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Lou Ferstadt
     -Inker- Ferstadt Studio
    -A.K.A.- Arthur Lake (Sword) Lance Larter (Lancer)
    -Known Powers-Unknown
    -Other information- The Sword was based on the legend of King Arthur. Arthur Lake was the son of John Lake, president of the Lake Aircraft Company. He possessed the magic sword Excalibur, which he kept embedded in a stone in a secret hiding place with in the company. Whenever Arthur would remove Excalibur from the stone, he would be magically transformed into the powerful hero known as the Sword.

The Sword had two assistants, Lancer and Merlin. Lancer was really Arthur's friend, Lance Larter and Merlin was an old man named Moe Lynn who worked at Mr. Lake's plant. When Arthur would remove the sword from the stone, Lance and Moe would in turn be transformed into their heroic counterparts.

The Sword and his compatriots battled against wartime espionage and sabotage. Two such saboteur was Morgana, ancient foe of the Sword, and the Genius who first appeared in this story.
    -Known Appearances- Captain Courageous Comics 6; Lightning Comics vol.3 no.1; and Super-Mystery Comics vol.3 no.3-vol.5 no.3

LandorLandor, Maker of Monsters
    -Story taken from Speed Comics #10
Brookwood Publishing Co. Inc. July 1940
     -Writer- Bob Powell
     -Penciler-Bob Powell
     -Inker- Bob Powell
    -Known Appearances- Speed Comics 1-11

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